Are you a passionate sheep producer?

Are you interested in doing something to improve the survival of ewes during lambing?

Reducing ewe mortality during lambing requires understanding why ewes die and how management practices influence this.

Lifting ewe survival will improve lamb survival and help improve animal welfare and productivity outcomes for the sheep industry.

An experienced sheep research team working on a new ewe survival project, want to collaborate with passionate sheep producers to find answers to improving ewe survival.

• Participating producers will receive access to vets to conduct ewe post-mortems and summary data of the post-mortems done during the project. They will have a head start to improve ewe survival on their properties.

• The research team need producers to keep accurate records of ewe deaths and their management practices in the lead up to, and during, lambing.
Businesses running commercial, non-merino ewe flocks in Victoria, southern NSW, South Australia and Western Australia are eligible to be part of the project.

Spaces are limited and applications close 1 March 2019

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