Sheep Consultant

Darren grew up on sheep property just south of Dunkeld and has always had a strong interest in understanding what drives the best animal production systems.

In the mid-90s while working on the family farm Darren got involved in the Paired Paddock Program (PPP) which looked at fertiliser use and then parasite management. These programs opened Darren’s eyes up to the value of science in sheep enterprises, but also the value of producers working in the small group environment to improve their management. Darren then spent the next 10 years completing a Dip of Rural Business Management while working at the Vic Department of Agriculture. His work was focused on sheep and pasture trials with the highlight being the Lifetime Wool Program which was a 10 million dollar investment from AWI over 8 years looking at the effects of changing sheep nutrition across a wide range of production traits.

Darren then spent the next 9 years with RIST developing and delivering agriculture extension programs across Australia and, along with Dr Jason Trompf and Dr Andrew Thompson, developed the Lifetime Ewe program (LTEM) which has been delivered to 30% of Australian sheep producers The same team developed the Lifetime Weaner Course and the More Lambs More Often programs. Darren has delivered over 70 LTEM groups across Southern Australia with an average of 15% increase in lambs weaned. Over the last 20 years Darren has also been a big believer in Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) and has been involved in whether trials, sire evaluations and on farm progeny testing to help monitor and evaluate maternal and terminal breeding options. With experience in research, extension and on farm practical knowledge Darren and the team at Livestock Logic believe they can bring the latest and best information to help improve your operation.

Darren and his better half Emma have two boys Connor aged 8 and Josh 2 and they lease a couple of small blocks running sheep and play whatever sport is in season.