Livestock Logic offers a comprehensive large animal veterinary service focused on both sheep and cattle.  Our dynamic team have a combined 35 years experience in diagnosing animal diseases causing production losses including OJD, metabolic disorders, trace element deficiencies/toxicities, pasture plant associated poisonings and foot rot to name a few.  Combined with our clinical work, we also offer services such as ultra sound pregnancy testing of cattle, help with calvings, consultancy services focused on animal health and nutrition, prevention of diseases and improving both animal and farm productivity.  Combined with our state of the art Worm and Feed Logic laboratories, we offer a comprehensive service package based on knowledge, experience and collaborative research to give our clients a complete and independent solution for their business.

Although we are based in Hamilton (Victoria), we regularly run animal health courses across Victoria, southern NSW and the south-east of South Australia. If you would like to participate in one of the many farmer based courses we run, please call our office on (03) 5572 1419 for further information.

For all your livestock testing requirements call Livestock Logic


As well as accreditations, we conduct bull/ram breeding soundness checks, fertility/mortality investigations and offer advice on genetic selection of sires, synchrony programs and drench and vaccination programs.

We are OJD MAP (Market Assurance Program) accredited and conduct Brucellosis accreditations.


  • Ultra sound Pregnancy Testing
  • Worm diagnostic service
  • Faecal Worm & fluke Egg Counts
  • Total whole worm counts
  • Larval cultures
  • Drench resistance tests
  • Annual drenching programs

  • Bull breeding soundness evaluations Calvings
  • Scrotal measurements
  • Testicle consistency
  • Confirmation, including feet
  • Reproductive soundness
  • Semen testing
  • Serving capability testing

  • Disease investigations including:
  • Abortions
  • Fertility issues
  • Nutritional (including trace element/mineral deficiencies & toxicities)
  • Ill thrift
  • Mortality

  • Consulting BJD Testing – MAP accredited
  • Breeding programs (including calving time, stocking rate analysis)
  • Genetic selection advice
  • Synchrony programs for dairy & beef
  • Drenching/vaccination programs

  • General veterinary care & emergency procedures
  • 24hr/7 day a week after hours service


  • Worm diagnostic service & Coccidia testing
  • Faecal Worm & fluke Egg Counts
  • Total whole worm counts
  • Larval cultures
  • Drench resistance tests
  • Annual drenching programs

  • Coccidia testing
  • Ram fertility examinations
  • Brucellosis accreditation
  • OJD testing & management plans – Sheep MAP accredited

  • Disease investigations & consultation
  • Nutritional conditions, ie staggers.
  • Trace elements/mineral deficiencies/toxicities
  • Footrot and lameness
  • Lice
  • Worms
  • Abortion storms
  • Breeding programs (including lambing time, stocking rate analysis)
  • Genetic selection advice
  • Mortality outbreaks
  • Vaccination programs